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The Animal Welfare Act 2006
This is an important act and, one that is well worth reading.

Code of Practice for the Welfare of Dogs
An, easy to read, guide outlining what dog owners are expected to do, as laid down in the Animal Welfare Act 2006, to meet the welfare needs of their dogs (DEFRA).  Essential reading for existing and potential dog owners.

The Anti-Social Behaviour Policing Act 2014 (amended) 
This covers section 12 of the act (recently, enacted).

Remember – ignorance of the law is no excuse.


Raw vs Commercial diet  
This is a controversial topic – this article will help you make the the choice about what to feed your dog.

Interacting with dogs

How to interact (poster)
This shows children HOW to interact with dogs.

How not to interact (poster)
This shows children how NOT to interact with dogs.

Fearful dogs – body language (poster)

Meeting an unfamiliar dog

Be dog smart (poster)

Lets talk dog (poster)