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behaviour assistance and training

sometimes mans’ best friend
needs a little help

The Canine Behaviourist is here to help.

Does your dog find it hard to mix with other dogs? Is it scared? Aggressive? Or destructive?

a little about mike

Mike Wright is The Canine Behaviourist. He has been around dogs for most of his life, except for his time spent in the Royal Navy Medical Service.

After his last rescued dog passed, he decided to look at other ways to help dogs and their owners

Mike has helped many dogs over the years, without formal qualifications (just experience and, of course, unpaid). However, he has studied Canine Behaviour to a high level and is now a fully qualified canine behaviourist (ADipCBM). Subjects studied:

  • How dogs learn
  • Genetics & evolution of dog behaviour
  • The effect of brain biochemistry on canine behaviour
  • Pharmacology
  • The effect of internal & external factors on dog behaviour
  • Intelligence
  • Behavioural diagnostics
  • Professional conduct
  • Application of theory
  • Law
  • Case studies

Mike also provides first aid training for dog owners (yes, you can help your dog in an emergency).

Free talk

Mike holds public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

a dog in need

“We had a really sensitive issue today with a Romanian rescue dog with extreme fear who had escaped and spent the night in the freezing cold. She been contained in a shed and couldn’t be removed from the shed due to her fear.

The Canine Behaviourist came to the rescue at the drop of a hat and has successfully ended her terrible ordeal. She is now safe and warm and he handled her and the situation perfectly.

On behalf of the rescue centre where this dog is from, we thank you.”

Rescue Centre