The Canine Behaviourist helps you with your dog's behavioural and training problems

Sometimes man’s best friend
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behaviour assistance and training

The Canine Behaviourist is here to help.

Does your dog find it hard to mix with other dogs? Is it scared? Aggressive? Or destructive?

a little about mike

Mike Wright is The Canine Behaviourist.  He has been around dogs for most of his life, except for his time spent in the Royal Navy Medical Service.

After his last rescued dog passed, he decided to look at other ways to help dogs and their owners

Mike has helped many dogs over the years, without formal qualifications (just experience and, of course, unpaid). However, he has studied Canine Behaviour to a high level and is now a fully qualified canine behaviourist (ADipCBM). Subjects studied:

How dogs learn | Genetics & evolution of dog behaviour | The effect of brain biochemistry on canine behaviour | Pharmacology | The effect of internal / external factors on dog behaviour | Intelligent | Behavioural diagnostics | Professional conduct | Application of theory | Law | Case studies

Mike also provides first aid training for dog owners (yes, you can help your dog in an emergency).

Mike holds public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

rescued dogs

Although Mike is keen to help any dog and their owners, he is, particularly interested in helping rescued dogs who, often pose unique problems requiring understanding and a careful approach to any issues they may have.

Any behaviour help or training is underpinned by a strong research based approach.

Mike’s aim is to help you build a strong, lasting partnership with your dog based upon mutual trust, respect and understanding.


Any behaviour / training program is based on kindness and positive reinforcement (using praise, treats, toys). 

Mike does not use any aggressive or physical punishment to deter unwanted behaviour. Mike uses interruption, distraction or re-direction techniques.  

Mike does not use choke or check chains, shock collars, force, intimidation or dominance methods.

Mike firmly believes that, to be able to train a dog successfully, it is essential that any training is supported by an in-depth knowledge of dog behaviour.

After all, how can you expect to train a dog without understanding the reasons behind the behaviour that you are trying to change?


Each case involves a careful assessment and consideration of any medical issue the dog may have (without input from the dog’s vet – Mike will not take on the case).

Following a successful outcome, Mike will follow up with the owners to assess whether the recommended course of action is still working and, to offer any further assistance if needed.

Pre assessment form (this helps Mike to review a case before visiting).

Aggression assessment form (only fill this in if asked to do so by Mike).


our team



happy dogs!

Doing the right things with our dogs, helps them to live full, happy lives.

These pictures show well-balanced and socialised dogs behaving as they should.


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t.  01953 459922

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dog first aid courses

We will furnish you with the skills needed to deal with a canine emergency.

With some knowledge of simple techniques and a calm head you may be able to make a difference.

Canine First Aid training can help you save a dog’s life.

    • Assessing situations
    • Airway Breathing Circulation
    • Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
    • Wounds & bleeding
    • Burns
    • Shock
    • Heat stroke
    • Hypothermia
    • Miscellaneous conditions

Courses will be 4 hours in duration,  including hands on practical exercises (with tea and cake included – if you’re lucky).

Courses will normally be held in the Attleborough area.  Groups of 6 people will make up each course.

Cost:   £40.00 per person