I first met Mike by accident while out walking my rescue dog Rosie a few months ago – she was snapping, lunging, growling and attempting to nip anyone or anything that came near. Within minutes she had calmed down and was taking food out of his hand and was coming closer for more!

What I had misunderstood and taken for aggression, Mike explained was fearfulness and uncertainty. From there, Mike has given me guidance, tools and training protocols and a confidence in Rosie that in just a few short weeks has made a world of difference and Rosie has progressed so much already that she is able to not only be in the proximity of other dogs, but can walk and be off lead with them too!

We honestly could not thank Mike enough for everything he has helped us with – highly recommended.


Note from Mike – In the picture Rosie is wearing a muzzle for her, and other dogs protection, while she is adjusting.