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Living with your dog

Are your anxious when out in public with your dog? Do you worry about how others will react to you both? Do you lack confidence when handling your dog? Then our reduce your anxiety and increase the benefits of dog ownership workshop is just for you.

Our workshop identifies the key traits that confident dog owners possess, and looks at ways to foster these in ourselves and others. It will show you how to build confidence and develop a more positive approach to being with your dog in a number of everyday situations.

Workshop content ( 4 hours )

  • How to relax
    • Examine the evidence – benefits of dog companionship
    • Understand the importance of motivation and intent
    • Finding your window of tolerance
    • Taming the human mind
    • Building resilience
    • Apply concepts – practical session
    • Switching on calm
  • Learning about your dog
    • how a dog thinks
    • why your dog does things
    • responding to your dog
    • how to calm your dog
    • Q & A

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the key aspects of a successful relationship with your dog
  • Identify how a skilful approach to being with your dog brings benefits to both of you
  • Recognise warning signs of pressure and being overwhelmed in self and/or your dog
  • Utilise techniques and tools to cope with emotional stressors in self and your dog
  • Generate a personal action plan to effectively manage your interactions with your dog
  • Display an enhanced level of understanding of your relationship with your dog

Who should attend

This course is best suited to all those who feel less than satisfied with the relationship with their dog. It is ideal for those who feel anxious when out and about with their dog, and who would like to feel more confident in dealing with everyday situations.

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